3 thoughts on “How to Lose Your Pilot Certificate (And How Not To)

  1. I understand the one example of not following ATC’s order to extend your downwind an fall in line with the King Air. I also see several safety issues by cutting the downwind short to land in front of the King Air. Explain the “clipping the edge of a Class C” airspace. How far into the Class C do you have to penetrate to be in violation? What if the wind changes and you drift in for a few moments and correct the course to exit the airspace? Do you notify ATC for those few seconds or remain silent? Thanks.

  2. They most certainly can and will put you in chains. Just recently, they had the US Attorney indict some airline pilots on felony charges for not answering the Orwellian “have you ever in your life” question about disability benefits on the 8500-8.

    These poor pilots were both disabled veterans who probably feared losing their medical and jobs if they disclosed. Neither had their disabilities for something dangerous that would have put passengers at risk. They were from injuries from serving our country. Now their lives are ruined and their careers over.

    You better believe they will criminally charge for something pretty minor. The FAA is just as evil and vindictive as they ever were. That’s why I won’t even attempt to get a medical. I have a complex medical history, and I don’t want to end up with the FBI at my doorstep for something I forgot about from 30 years ago.

    You’re misleading pilots by not mentioning the possible criminal charges from violations and asking them to incriminate themselves by being honest and cooperative. The last thing you should do is admit something to the FAA. Your first call should be to your attorney. I’d imagine any aviation attorney will tell you the same thing.

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