One thought on “Loss Of Control: Spins Or Spirals?

  1. Ed,

    Thanks for a great article.

    Several years ago I experienced a similar excursion from my ‘normal’ and expected flight envelope. I was in a 30 – 40 d descending bank while turning base to final at 70 mph. The nose dropped while my bank suddenly & unexpectedly steepened. As you described, the windscreen filled with dirt and the ASI rapidly wound up. This was before iPads, apps, Stratus, and GPS so I have no record of my actual parameters. I leveled the wings and pulled out of the dive with 3+ g’s of LF… and obviously survived the experience. It took me several years to realize I had entered a step spiral. The overbanking tendency of my steep turn, along with the tendency for the nose to drop as the lift vector perpindicular to the earth reduced snuck up on me. I was really surprised by the rapid transition from ‘normal’ to near LOC flight.

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