One thought on “Many Aircraft Tech Jobs Go Unfilled

  1. I’m afraid the gravy-train for American employers is gone. If they couldn’t fill jobs under 8 years of 10% unemployment, they’ll never do it under the old rules. If they are looking for techs with 40 years experience or new tech school graduates with $100K student loans for $11 per hour jobs, with layoffs every other month, averaging 10 hours per week, in unheated & un-a/c hangers, it isn’t going to happen. It’s not just money and benefits. Your average CEO would never work under the conditions and treatment most employees in aviation are subjected to. And it’ll get much worse as the old generation retires and the new generation opts-out of the abuse. Working around the shiny nifty airplane won’t be enough anymore. The ARSA better start talking to tens of thousands of 15 to 25 year olds to find out what they want.

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