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May 2022 Crossword Key

Crossword Puzzle: May 2022


1 DA50 RG makers

5 Confusing pilot moniker 

8 The UK’s mainline carrier, abbr.

9 First two letters for the 328 

10 Popular material for use in aircraft bodies, 2 words

12 Dangerous build-up on a plane’s exterior surfaces

13 Designation of an area for military traffic only, abbr.

14 It measures atmospheric pressure

16 Fuel holders

18 Hurried escape

19 Fairings around an aircraft engine

21 Additive that’s bad for aircraft engines, abbr.

22 Quantity of heat, abbr.

24 Home to Pima, Yuma and Flagstaff

25 Unlike in a mystery, in airplanes this doesn’t ruin anything

29 Word before Gun and of Climb 

30 _____-Wing: mid-wing monoplane with its wing mounted directly to the top of the fuselage

33 Beginning of an innovation

34 Pilots’ areas


1 Sound volume unit

2 Body of an aircraft as distinct from its engine

3 Classified ad sale, abbr.

4 Grandma, to some

5 Pilots Hoover and Morgan

6 Makers of the SmartGlide safety utility

7 Passes on

9 Logo on the Side of a Gee Bee

11 In good physical shape

15 Number representing the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the surrounding air in which it is moving

17 Toy that flies, with a tail

20 Method of decreasing the angle of incidence on the outer part of an airplane wing to counteract the effect of engine torque, 2 words

22 ____ air: hot air at high pressure, usually from the bypass section of a gas turbine engine, for de-icing

23 Coffee container

24 Piper PA-23 name

26 Lubrication fluid

27 Makers of the ____ E1000

28 Right away, abbr.

31 Type of aileron, abbr.

32 Color often signifying danger!
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