One thought on “MOONEY M30 “301”

  1. Now that Mooney is back in the business of producing airplanes and has solid financial backing, the Mooney 301 should be put back in development. There is clearly a niche to be filled by an efficient, pressurized single piston airplane that could cruise at around 250 knots and reach the flight levels in pressurized comfort. And unlike a Turbine Single such as the TBM-700 that developed out of the 301, a pressurized piston single can climb high on East-bound cross countries to take advantage of the jet stream but still (unlike Turbines) fly in the lower altitudes efficiently on Westbound trips to avoid the jet stream headwinds. I think instead of the Lycoming engine, the newer FADEC-controlled Continental IO-550, specifically the TSIOF-550-J producing 350 hp would be a perfect choice for this plane. Come on Mooney – just do it!

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