4 thoughts on “Mooney Ovation Ultra

  1. Robert,

    Good write-up on the Ovation Ultra. It offers many excellent qualities, however, I sense the inability to install TKS and A/C may be an issue for a number of buyers especially when competing against the SR22 and TTx. What is the reason for not offering both?

  2. Tom Petty grew up in Gainesville, FL and relocated to SoCal to work and record. Huge loss for many of us.

  3. I can’t stop wondering: High tech at any expense with very close closing wheeldoors, extremly tight tolerances on the flight controls and a composite-shell for the cockpit, but only inches apart big domeheaded rivets, good enough for the Brooklyn Bridge. And by the way: The second door is not ingenious but overdue since the invention of Americas private planes. Can you imagene a Miles, Caudron, Messerschmitt or Marchetti with only a single door?

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