5 thoughts on “NBAA 2019: Textron/Cessna And GE Update Denali Program

  1. So…..I’m going to allow purchasing permission to pay for an aircraft that is “Murcun” made and basically has an experimental GE engine hanging off of the front of it. “Ya spends yer money and ya takes yer chances”. No…..no…..I don’t think so. It’s the “new” Pilatus for us, despite the whines of everyone to “buy Murcun”. When we wear out the Pilatus….we’ll consider looking at a Denali…after “X” number of them have become lawn darts, and killed a number of people, and they’ve possibly worked all of the problems out of the aircraft and the PT-6 clone Catalyst engine.

  2. Textron with problems
    Tttx Corvalis
    Diesel engine 182 and 172
    Silvercrest engines
    Too much mistakes

  3. I’d like to hear more about the progress of the rumored pairing of the C 208 and electric engines

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