3 thoughts on “How Do Non-Pilots Feel About ATC Privatization?

  1. Privatization is like giving the airlines everything they want, & the GA flyers get the leftovers!
    I have never been a fan of the FAA, but this will make it worst.

  2. Privatization seems a sure way to deepen the pilot shortage. GA is essential for pilots to receive the training necessary to build the hours and experience to become an airline pilot. Privatization has the potential to make such training unaffordable for future pilots. It will also result in a huge accident rate increase. Private pilots will undoubtedly spend more time scud running to avoid having to talk to ATC which will undoubtedly result in a higher accident rate.

  3. The Alliance for Aviation Across America has done an outstanding job advocating on behalf of GA to oppose privatization. They make well thought out arguments of the benefits to preserve the present funding system. To stop privatization, however, the rest of us with an interest in General Aviation need to do our part by contacting our elected officials.

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