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  1. Hey Budd,

    Great article, as usual!
    In the question “will the wings fall off if the airplane reaches it’s Never Exceed, red-line speed?” you said that “the control force needed to exceed the airframe’s G-limit is much lower, so a hard pull on the yoke, when fast, can cause damage”, but, theoretically, this is not true.
    In theory, stick force per g is independent of airspeed.
    That´s because hinge moment is proportional to elevator angle per g times the square of airspeed, but the elevator angle per g itself is inversely proportional to the square of airspeed.
    Hence, the faster you are, the lower amount of stick movement is necessary to generate g, but the stick force remains the same.
    But, from flight test we almost never find an airplane that works perfectly this way.
    Besides that, I think that pilot´s perception of stick force and/or displacement some times generates this kind of confusion.
    My best regards,


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