2 thoughts on “Robot Vs. Human Pilot: Drone Challenge

  1. This brings to mind the race between the Tom Thumb steam locomotive and a horse. Tom thumb lost the race because it broke down, but the rest is history.

    A race is fun, but if I were using a drone for a practical purpose – like delivering packages or passengers – I’d prefer that it maneuver prudently and not get all herky-jerky.

  2. I am a private pilot that learned to fly in 1955/56 and have been fortunate to have had 9 single engine planes in my life. I do not have one at the present. The idea of sharing the skies with pilotless planes and/or drones is not to my liking at all. I want to be able to see and avoid other pilots and I want them to be able to see and avoid me… I believe all planes, helicopters and automobiles should have human operators………

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