2 thoughts on “The ICON A5: Art Meets Aviation

  1. Very interesting pilot report.

    I think the key statement is “If you’re wondering about range, speed and payload, then you already don’t get this airplane. The A5 is purely about fun.” Many established pilots obsess over “range, speed and payload” along with debating ROP/LOP, the problems with diesel engines, etc. etc. etc. And they’ll put up with shortcomings of design because, well, they always have.

    The A5 is aimed at people (with money) who wouldn’t be impressed with the very modest merits of a C172N or repainted C152.

    Hopefully the Icon training training program will teach the new owners – especially new pilots – to respect their aircraft and not not treat their them like flying jetskis and present a hazard to themselves and others.

  2. There has been a lot of information stated about the plane but nothing mentioned about the type of motor, top cruising speed, and flying range.
    Can you please provide this information.

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