3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Top Secret Star Wars-like Valkyrie First Flight Revealed

  1. Valkyrie is what we’re waiting for! Awesome video no need to be nervous about what I just saw. Can’t wait!

  2. I think they could get rid of the v-tail above the engine and still have enough directional stability and reduce quite a bit of drag.

  3. True, they could have eliminated the twin V-stab, but at what cost? A much larger single V-stab & rudder? No weight or drag savings, and a very unbalanced appearance. Or an unconventional control linkage with elevons and spoilers? No cost savings, no weight savings, no appreciable drag savings, and a system that would be foreign to almost all homebuilders.
    Not too many plane designers or aeronautical engineers are going to go with a feature such as a twin V- stab without a very good reason.
    PLUS, it just plain looks better this way.
    I want it NOW!

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