9 thoughts on “YouTube Trained “Pilot” Rescued From Oregon Wilderness After Crash

  1. The FAA has plenty it could do… It can besides certificate actions levy fines, it can refer the offender to the US Attorney under the LAW.

  2. By the time they get through billing him for all the damage he’s done, plus the helicopter rescue he will have spent enough to get a private license with an instrument rating.

  3. I am waiting for the next utube story about the plumber that decided he will become a brain surgeon…. ya can’t cure stupid

  4. Arrest him and throw away the key. He is as dangerous as the sob that crashed the Cessna 414 near Fullerton. These people should be incerated.

  5. What. An. Idiot.

    If you don’t have a valid airman certificate, then you either haven’t obtained the requisite training or your license was revoked because you did something incredibly stupid and got caught.

    I concur that the FAA doesn’t have much in terms of jurisdiction over an idiot like this – he has no license to take away and he’d just default on any civil penalty. But I would hope that the aviation community would shun clowns like this and make it impossible for him to continue to operate.

    People who operate without the appropriate license and with a total disregard for the regulations are a tragic statistic in the making. Like the guy with the 414 who killed four innocent people on the ground in California, it’s not a question of IF, but a question of WHEN their stupidity will catch up with them and how many innocent people they might hurt or kill when they take themselves out of the gene pool. One should also remember that the costs in terms of lawsuit settlements, increased insurance premiums, and more are passed on to all of us who follow the rules, so yes, this is everyone’s business because this kind of stupidity affects us all.

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