8 thoughts on “8 Great Used Planes

  1. Loved flying the Tiger, and it’s not a bad traveling machine for two plus baggage. Takeoff and climb performance degrade quickly at higher density altitudes though. I would judge the Tiger the best “value” on this list if you can find one in excellent shape.

    Note also that early model Cirrus SR22 (mainly the G1 versions) are priced competitively with what you cite for the 1990s Bonanza models.

  2. Tiger is a great plane and the one I flew could get just about 140 knots TAS at 8500ft on a good day but was guaranteed to get at least 135. If I remember correctly the canopy could only be opened about 12″ or so in flight period, not fully back. Also Lopresti did do the clean ups to the plane but some of the features such as the castering nose wheel were already there. His major add to the plane was the redesigned cowling used on both the Tiger and Cheetah. As far as the airleron response it had push rods so the controls were tight. But I would put a Bellanca Viking and the early Bonanzas up against the Tiger for aileron response any day. by the way my three top favorite single engine planes are the V Tail Bonanza, Bellanca Super Viking and the Tiger AA5-B.

  3. Bonanza of any version is high on value in my opinion. I have owned two and flown many more. But I always flight planned for 168 knots and any of the 285hp versions would nail that every time. A very honest airplane with exceptionally smooth control response.

  4. I owned a Piper Cherokee 140 for years and it was a very solid airplane. I had very few problems with her. You could not describe her as fast but she was very dependable and cheap to operate.

  5. Cessna 182RG – with full fuel (80 gallons), 150 knots at 6-9000′, 1000 fpm climb at 100 kts, room and useful weight for 4 mid-sized adults and baggage. At 11.5 gph, can fly way farther than the passengers can.

  6. Reims Cessna FR172 Rocket is the best for me.
    210 hp fuel injected 6 cylinder, 4 adults + full fuel take off distance 200 m.
    Cruise at 115-120 KTAS @ 9 USG @ 7000″.

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