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Piston Singles/Turbos

Article: Diesel With A Jet Heart

There's something almost hypnotic about flying behind turbines.

Article: Cessna 400: Fixed-Foot Rocket

In the last decade, two of the...

Article: The "New" Old Centurion

The step-up market has always been critically important to the major aircraft companies. There may not be much profit in building trainers,...

Also labeled: Specs

Article: 2007 Cirrus SR22 Turbo

Also labeled: Specs

Article: 2006 Piper Saratoga II TC

Also labeled: Specs

Article: Cessna's Turbo Skylane RG

Article: Mooney 252

Speed is a mission in itself; in fact, speed is the essence of flying. The faster you go, the faster you go faster, or at...

Article: New Piper’s Saratoga II TC

Any list of general-aviation evergreens is bound to include certain airplanes: The Cessna 170 and...

Article: District of Columbia

When you fly different-make and...

Article: Cessna Turbo Stationair: Escalade For The Jeep Trail